Google Announces Nexus Tablet At Its Developers Conference I/OIf you’re terribly concerned that your sex life doesn’t include a digital component that shows you a view of yourself having sex, you’ll be happy to know that Google Glass might just have the answer. A new app called Sex With Glass (this is a bad name that sounds very painful) is in development to revolutionize your sex life, provided that you don’t mind wearing those super dorky glasses while doing it.

According to Business Insider, “[t]he cornerstone of Sex with Glass is the shared live streaming.” My understanding of this is that while wearing the Google Glass, you’ll be able to see an image from your partner’s point of view…of yourself. That doesn’t sound super pleasant.

The app also connects to your home so you can tell it to adjust the lighting, play mood music, or even ask for position ideas. I can’t imagine interrupting a sex session to say “OK glass, I need position ideas,” but to each his own. Sex With Glass (god, my vagina cringes every time I type that) also provides you with a video of your sex session, which gives you five hours to watch before self destructing.

The response to Sex With Glass has been pretty mixed, but Business Insider points to the app’s promotion as an area of concern:

The promotion for the app doesn’t match up with the egalitarian promises: most of the images are sexualised photos of women, the advertising slogans assume heterosexual couples, and some of the statements are just plain odd (“You’ll be able to watch your videos for five hours until they are deleted forever. That’s for all the ladies out there.”)

Incidentally, Sex With Glass removed the “That’s for all the ladies out there” remark from their website since Business Insider ran their story, but the site remains dominated by bedroom photos of scantily clad women selling a largely heterosexual experience. If the goal is to make sex better for everybody, why is it so exclusive? Isn’t sex something that’s widely universal?

The app will be available in February, and if that’s your thing, then go wild. But can somebody please explain the benefits of looking at yourself while intercoursing? I’d prefer to look at literally anything else.

Photo: Getty Images