Jesus, you know, maybe we just should never get married. Maybe we should just avoid the whole thing, because, honestly, it’s all going to go awfully. Everyone is going to go insane. You, your mother in law, and now apparently, the groom. According to The Daily Mail, which is touching on the “rise of Groomzilla”:

And a quarter said men are just as ‘out to impress’ friends and family as females are.

The poll of 2,000 people who have been married in the last five years found 42 per cent think men are just as competent as women are at planning a wedding.

A further 59 per cent said organising their wedding completely took over their life and 25 per cent did much of the planning in work time.

I mean, frankly, that does not sound that bad. That sounds like couples are taking an equitable role in wedding planning, and they are invested, just like their brides.
It does, however, mean that there is a 25% chance that both people getting married are being idiots and interpreting what should be a happy day to just be an excuse to one-up their friends and family. So, that is a shame.
Stop beings zillas, everyone. Please be human beings, please.