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Are you and your partner both broke as hell? Are you and your friends looking for something cheap to do on this pinkest of heart-covered Fridays? If you’re planning on going out for Valentine’s Day, make sure you don’t get stuck paying way too much for dates or presents. Here are 5 easy ways to save the money and the hassel!

1. Gather a group of your friends or your laid-back partner and snatch a free “meal.” Hit up Sam’s Club, the local farmer’s market, or any other place where you can find copious amounts of sample foods. Do that thing where you pretend to be interested in buying the products so you can linger long enough to take seconds, do that thing where you walk by the sample stand multiple times and pretend you haven’t already had one, do that thing where you pretend you’re grabbing one for someone else.

2. Never buy flowers on the 13th or 14th of February. Not only do same-day flower deliveries basically scream “I completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day and I also don’t know you well enough to think of a better last-minute gift,” but they’re so, so, so much more expensive. Save flowers for a different occasion, or buy them a week before or after V-Day.

3. Dress up to the nines– suits and ties, prom dresses, gratuitous jewelry, long satin gloves, whatever you’re feeling– and have a long, luxurious dinner at Taco Bell. It’ll give you and your friends something to laugh about and something to Instagram. No reservation required.

4. Vote to reschedule your Valentine’s Day for a different random weekend. Skip the crazy price hikes, skip the cheesy crepe paper decorations, skip spending your whole dinner staring at the gag-inducing other couples who sit on the same side of their booth. Pick a day when neither of you have anything going on, and take the time to make it personal and unstupid.

5. Sleep all day on the 14th. When you wake up on Saturday, call up your partner or your crew and go wild in the discounted candy section at CVS. Everything is heart-shaped and everything is half the usual price. Perfection.