Union Pool in Brooklyn is definitely an easy place to fuck in public... despite their signs.

Sometimes you just can’t control yourself. You’re either out with your partner or just picked up someone at a bar after too many shots of whiskey and you’re looking to score. Your apartment seems so faraway; they live in Queens. Your libido is out of control, you can already feel that sensation that comes with not just wanting but needing to have that person. You can’t wait. It has to be done. Before you know it, you’re either fucking in a bathroom at a bar, in the back of a cab or between two trash cans in Alphabet City. You don’t even care if you get caught, the primal instinct in you has taken over and you must do it. You’ve lost your willpower. You have caved. You’re having sex in public.

Whether it’s the excitement of possibly getting caught or just the need to act on an impulse, you just have to have sex in public. Yes, bathrooms are gross for such behavior, but the thrill behind it is intense — the same thing goes for between those trash cans just as long as you don’t get bitten by a rat the size of a small dog.

Have you ever? Would you ever?

As for me, there was that one time in Atlantic City, then that other time on Houston Street… and maybe a time or two after that. You know, back when I was crazy.

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Union Pool via Time Out