The couple in wackier times.

When Heidi Klum and Seal divorced earlier this year, many bloggers cried out that if these two couldn’t make it, no one could. The outrageously goodlooking duo always seemed so in love; after all, they renewed their vows yearly and had the mutual interest of Halloween. Although it was sad to see so many people put stock in the romantic relationship of two celebrities they’d never met them split, we at least expected it to stay clean.

Turns out, not so. Seal is apparently pissed that Heidi has had relations with the bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, despite their not being technically divorced. He vented to TMZ:

“I didn’t expect any better from [the bodyguard]…but I would’ve thought Heidi would [have] shown a bit more class…before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.”

Weirdly classist tirades aside, Klum’s camp denies the allegations, with a rep telling Access Hollywod, “It is sad that Seal has to resort to false accusations.”

Heidi separated from Seal in January and filed for divorce in April. The whole scandal began when ambiguously affectionate photos of Klum and Kristen on vacation in Sardinia surfaced, thus inspiring the typical Daily Mail commentary (“even during the family day out it seems the two couldn’t get enough of each other”).

So much for truth and beauty, everyone!