Yesterday we wrote about whether or not anyone was using condoms. Answer: some of you are. At last check, the poll indicated that 68% of you either use them all the time or until you or your partner has been tested. And then there’s the other 32% of you who are insane wild risk takers who would probably like to go shark diving drunk. Here are some of your comments the offer insight into why so many of you are opting to skip the wrap (though I am a little surprised that no one cites religious reasons. I am expressing that surprise via a Pope condom picture):

I hate condoms. I hated using them when I was temporarily off the pill. I hated using them even when I was having sex with someone I didn’t know that well. I hated using them with my boyfriend.

Screw guys’ diminished sexual pleasure, what about MY diminished sexual pleasure? Because there is nothing sexually gratifying about having sex with latex. It feels…wrong. Ugh. There are no words. – Lexie
I’ve occasionally had sex without a condom when I really should have used one. It was stupid of me, but it was always a hurried, passionate situation where no one stopped to get one. I remember reading something about what happens to your brain when you’re pre-sex (super horny, basically) and it really diminishes rational decision-making. Obviously you should grab one, but in the frenzy of the moment you don’t. In my current, non pre-sex sanity, I can tell you that everyone should always use condoms. In practice? Easier said than done. – Leah

the majority of the gloss staff are morons. which i probably could have guessed anyways. – IHeartElleGirl

Errm how has no one mentioned the obvious issue here: Using condoms doesn’t FEEL as good, for the guy or the girl.

If it did, then we would all use them all the time, since we’d have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. But of course in reality they detract from the whole experience, hence why at least some of us (Gloss writers included!) don’t use them, even when we really should. There’s the spontaneity issue, and there’s also just the plain old… BARRIER issue. How weird is it to be getting all hot and sticky with someone, every part of your body in contact with theirs… Oh, except for the bits that matter, that is.

On the occasions when I have made partners wear condoms (beginnings of relationships and casual hook-ups), I can honestly say that it has not ‘properly’ felt like having sex to me. Seems all clinical and mechanical instead. I could very well be alone in this feeling, since it seems to me that unless you think about things way too much, there’s no physical reason why a condom should decrease the WOMAN’s pleasure very much, however who amongst us hasn’t heard males bemoaning THEIR diminished sensual experience as a result of condoms??? Women’s mags teach us to ’stand strong’ and brush off his complaints as so much misplaced sexual bravado, but that’s never seemed wholly fair to me. Some guys have NOT been around the block, and genuinely want to feel close to you. – Ellie