Hilary Duff Sparks Music Video

Hilary Duff recently revealed she was on Tinder and everyone promptly grabbed their phones to check out Hilary’s profile and to see if she would maybe swipe right for you. Hilary also admitted that she was going on her very first date with a “total” normie off Tinder. Since that wasn’t awkward enough, she also revealed that she was filming her dates with the possibility of them being turned into a reality TV show. Hilary wasn’t joking about taking cameras on her dates. She has released her latest music video for her song “Sparks” and it actually features footage from them. For real.

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The video begins with Hilary’s radio interview where she admits that she is on Tinder. Then we see her swiping through dudes on her phone with her friends. There is also footage of her bowling date with her first ever Tinder date, a dude named Tom. Sadly, the Lizzie McGuire reunion at the bowling alley was not featured in the video. The clips from Hilary’s Tinder dates are mixed with her dancing around in a candy-colored set wearing the glossiest Barbie pink lipstick. Check it out:


There are high fives! There is excited I-scored-a-strike dancing! There is talk of a dude who likes cheese, vodka and Sriracha! If Hilary does turn her footage into a reality show, she already has the perfect theme song. And if Tinder wanted a three-and-a-half minute promo by a famous celeb, it sure looks like they got it.