There are few times in life when you can openly announce to the world that you are going on a sex retreat and people will respond with glee and encouragement. But after your wedding, pretty much everyone you know will be happy for  you to spend as much time as you’d like attempting to procreate while on your honeymoon.

The honeymoon is not a requirement for post-wedding bliss. In fact, considering how many couples have sex before marriage today, it hardly seems necessary in what we consider to be the traditional sense. But if you look into the details, the honeymoon wasn’t always an excuse to have as much sexy time as possible with your new spouse.

“Honeymoon” both refers to the fun of being a newlywed and anticipates the short shelf life of that period. The term itself comes from the idea that the first month of a marriage is the sweetest (honey + moon). But it simultaneously implies that after that period, sex in marriage will be all dust and cobwebs. Awesome! Let’s see what else a few Google searches can teach you about the honeymoon.