It has recently been reported that Prince Harry has selected a date for his brother’s wedding, and it is none other than his on-again off-again girlfriend: shot-downing, bar-hopping, club-going, notorious party animal Chelsy Davy.

Yes, Davy’s reputation precedes her, and to that we say, let’s get this party started. If there’s one thing that any wedding needs to be memorable, it’s not a well-written vow, or a meaningful and highly original first dance to “At Last,” or even the casual nickname of “the most important wedding of the decade.” It’s a Chelsy Davy, someone whose behavior you can’t predict, someone who will get wasted and hit on your uncle, someone who will fall and flash beav.

Besides, this is a royal affair — it’s going to be structured to within inches of it’s life. And so I hope that Chelsy Davy does something appalling…and then you know what? I hope Prince Harry marries her.

Because fuck the haters.