Remember back in the day, when if you wanted to buy a vibrator you had to summon every ounce of self-confidence and make your way to a sketchy, dark store full of twitchy-looking men?

Yeah — me too. It was a time known as “before I knew about Babeland.” And that’s all well and good for me and you other city-dwellers, who can now pop into any old female-friendly sex toy store and purchase our goods without feeling like we need three bodyguards just to walk to and from our cars.

But not everyone is so lucky in this country, and sometimes, you want the instant gratification that internet delivery simply can’t provide.

Well, enter the best thing to happen to female sexual pleasure since the Rabbit: a drive-through adult toy store!

Pioneered in Alabama, of all places, Pleasures — presumably the first store of its kind — lets customers buy that one thing that spins and has three speeds and something that looks like boba inside it from the privacy of their cars. According to the AP:

Business is brisk so far, with cars sometimes lining up three deep for vibrators, lubricants, lingerie and other risque items.

“It’s been doing well, and really well on nights when it’s cold or rainy,” said employee Toni Kennedy. “Discretion and the ease of it are big, and convenience.

Haha: “three deep.”

But seriously — as far as I’m concerned, any step towards making pleasurable sex more accessible is a step in the right direction.