kissing cousinsI was clicking about the internet, looking for some news when I happened upon this gem of a piece on the Huffington Post entitled “There Are Plenty Of Twitter Users Who FInd Their Cousins Hot.” It’s just what the doctor ordered for an SVU fan with twisted curiosities.

On Christmas night, a man about the internet who tweets as @Mobute, went on what the Huffington Post called “an epic retweeting spree.” This is the first retweeting frenzy I’ve ever beheld. It really was epic. It appears that an unnervingly number of people find their cousins hot and are down to share that with the whole internet via Twitter.

Here are my two, um, favorites:incest tweet

The familyzone. I can’t. incest tweet

That is a secret you should save for your diary.

If you like weird stuff, please do yourself a favor and check out HuffPo’s list of some of the weirdest tweets.

Maybe I’m being too judgmental by thinking people who find their cousins hot is totally creepy and wrong, but this kind of thing has been making people feel weird for a long time. According to Freud in Totem and Taboo*, incest is one of the first taboos. Perhaps some people don’t consider kissing cousins to be as stomach-churningly horrifying as say brother-sister or parent-child stuff, but uh, whatever the degree of separation, finding your family hot is still something you might want to keep between you and your analyst.

* I read it in college.

Image via 30 Rock (NBC)