cold weather furry hat

Maybe dudes are just really into awkwardly huge, furry hats.

The novelty of cold-weather dressing and unshaven legs has officially worn off and I am ready for it to be warm again. Unfortunately my weather-control powers have not yet manifest, so we’re all just going to have to take comfort in the fact that apparently dudes think we’re way hotter in the winter.

As much as I think it would be more fun to have a frozen drink on a warm beach than huddle under a heat lamp and have strangers think my goose-pimpled skin is sexy, a recent study indicates that straight dudes tend to find women’s bodies more attractive during the winter.

According to the Daily Mail, the study looked at a small group of 114 men and had them rate the appearances of women at various times throughout the year. (I might be spending too much time reading the Daily Mail, but it really sounds like somebody is funding a whole lot of studies where dudes look at pictures of women and rank them to see which name is sexiest, which haircut is sexiest, which room scent is sexiest, etc.)

In this case, the men did not vary in how attractive they found women’s faces throughout the year, but when they looked at bodies they ranked the photos of bikini-clad women as much sexier when they looked at them in the winter than when it was warm out. The men in relationships also revealed that they thought their partners were sexier during the winter as well.

There are a couple theories as to why the dudes were so much more amorous during cold weather. One holds that in the winter, skin is more exciting because everyone is running around all covered up. In the summer, showing some skin is not such a big deal because everybody is doing it. Another theory holds that men’s hormone levels fluctuate seasonally, making them more easily around in the winter.

In related news, more babies in the U.K. are conceived on December 11 than any other day of the year. That fact is frequently attributed to the idea that everyone is having more sex in the winter because there’s less to do, but that seems silly. The fluctuating hormone theory makes a lot more sense than the “there’s nothing to do in the winter” theory because winter is when all the good TV is on, and it’s not like Netflix stops working in December.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Shutterstock