Over at Jezebel, they’ve repurposed a post from The Good Men Project called “Why I Hate my Giant Dong.” In it, the author tells the story of how his enormous wiener has not always been the blessing many would imagine.

He notes, for instance, that his high school girlfriend was able to turn it into an embarrassment when her best friend brought up in the school cafeteria. And of course, there are the physical complaints, like the fact that condoms are uncomfortable and that an overly zealous thrust can cause — and I paraphrase — cervical bruising.

But more poignantly, the author speaks to the fact that getting too cocky about his johnson could lead, he fears, to him forgetting about the other things that make him a good poerson and turning him into a  guy who gleans much, if not all, of his self-worth from his dick.

Not a very sturdy peg on which to hang your hat in the long term, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, I think it’s a worthy point that he makes. After all, while he doesn’t have to contend with the worries of a smaller-dicked fellow, at the same time, what good does having a huge cock really do someone when it comes to relationships? Most women are content with an average size member, and really, in the long term, whoever the guy winds up with is probably not going to choose to settle down with him because of his sizable piece — although that will be a nice bonus for her — but because of who he is as a person. If that were to get lost along they way because he became so very taken with his own wang, he’d eventually come up short after all. (Ha.)

What do you think? How do you feel about big dicks?