Looks like someone’s still on her family vacation! And that someone would be me. I have myself a nice golden tan because I used sunblock (thanks to our readers who not only lectured me but gave me great sunblock suggestions), I’ve overdosed on proper New England seafood and I’ve had my ass handed to me by my sister in Scrabble because apparently she’s been practicing way too much.

After the kids and my father head off to bed around 7, and my mom seats herself on the porch to read whatever beach read she has in her possession, my sister, my brother-in-law, Scot, and I take to the other porch to talk about life and everything in between. Last night over wine and pistachios, Scot and I were having a very in-depth conversation about our sex lives. Yes, his sex life is the one he has with my sister, and while this might bother some, it’s never bothered me at all. He was sharing some pretty intimate details that I won’t get into for fear of my sister killing me, and I did the same. While I do write about my sex life quite often, I usually leave out the really down and dirty stuff for the sake of my parents, should they stumble upon it, and because some things should actually be kept private. Or at least until I master the ability to write straight up erotica.

My sister squirmed as Scot and I talked, and when I reached the part about my threesome from last week, I went into a very specific play by play of events. It was at this point that my sister blocked her ears and proceeded to sing “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry, while I shared with Scot a situation that he will never, ever experience as long as he’s married to my sister. My sister was in no way offended, nor did she think it was wrong that I was sharing it with her husband, but she just didn’t want that image of me in her head. She said it was easier to read about it because she could pretend it was someone else.

I realize we’re in an era of over-sharing, but I also know that some people either turn their nose up at it or just simply find it in appropriate. I guess I’m just a walking and talking over-sharer because I want people to be able to relate to things that may or may not have happened to them. But I’m thinking maybe I should quit telling my family about my sex life. My parents don’t need to hear about it — the poor things always end up reading about it anyway.

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