Image via WENN

Sorry, gay dudes who hope for a piece of Brad Pitt action. In an interview promoting her movie Salt, Angelina Jolie said that when she was dressed as a man for one of the film’s costumes, Pitt wouldn’t kiss her. In addition, her oldest son Maddox (he of the fauxhawk) was weirded out by mom’s genderbending:

“Maddox was freaked out,” she said. “I invited him to come and say hi to me and I didn’t tell him who I was.

“He came down shook my hand and hung out with me for a while and then I said, ‘Mad’ and he screamed, ‘Mom!’. He totally freaked out. And Brad couldn’t even kiss me!”

Should this be a charming story about work, or is this some weird gender politics I don’t want to get into?