“Stop sniffing tampons,” suggests Steven Fernandez, a small child from California who knows how to get girls and make YouTube videos. If you thought children were over-sexed or too advanced or not climbing enough trees, this video is not for you. It features young Fernandez dispensing advice like, “Guys, stop treating girls like they’re a unicorn that shits Nutella out of their ass. …Even though Nutella’s delicious” and “Give him compliments like ‘You’ve kind of got an ass that I’d like to stare at.'”

In another particularly hallucinatory scene, he walks into the bathroom of a former NFL cheerleader and lovingly bounces along with her mostly bare ass (after deeming her a MILF and before suggesting you follow her on Instagram). Elsewhere, he accosts various strange women on the street and, under the guise of doing a school project, asks them all kinds of uncomfortable questions.

Fingers crossed this is actually the work of Vice.

(via Vulture)