If you’re involved with a married politician whose cheating ways are outed to the public, you have a very difficult decision to make. Do you keep quiet, hide your head in the sand and hope to god that nobody ever figures out who you are? Do you quickly record a dance number and post it to your MySpace account, hoping to cash in at $0.99 a pop? Or do you go even bigger than that, appearing on talk shows, writing a book and eventually posing (or publicly choosing not to pose) for Playboy?

Such is the dilemma of the politician’s mistress, and there are about nine women right now, even as we speak, who are grappling with these very real questions in the wake of Weinergate. Today, we met one of those women over at the Daily Beast, and she inadvertently provided some information about speaking with the media under these trying circumstances – don’t chew gum while doing an interview. Here are some other things you should know about going public as the other woman: