In China, there is apparently a school that women can go to to learn how to marry a millionaire. Reuters reports that the Beijing Moral Education Center for Women improves the dispositions of young ladies in order to make them more attractive to the rich.

Now, if two people want to get married because one of them has money, it’s none of my business. But this school smells like a scam.

First, let’s look at the faulty premise upon which it’s based. The fact is that nobody knows what every millionaire wants, and so nobody can teach it. Maybe some want good breeding, while others want a woman who will dance on tabletops. Some seek a delicate lady who will lie there in missionary, others are looking for a chick who will strap on a dildo.

Second of all, there’s this quote from the founder of the school: “We are nurturing internal qualities and developing potential.” Does this rub you the wrong way like it does me? Nurturing a woman’s desire to trick a man into marrying her doesn’t seem like an example of bringing out the best in her; in fact, au contraire.

And if the school were truly developing the potential of these young ladies, maybe they would be working on more concrete skills, like putting together a resume, or developing business proposals, or even teaching kindergarten.

Anyway, again — golddigging, and marrying golddiggers, is everyone’s own personal prerogative. But not only is it unsavory to try to teach it, it’s also impossible.