Ugh. There’s an inane new picture meme that’s making the rounds over on Imgur and it’s yet another boring, outdated take on relationships. And, even better—it comes from a 12-year-old boy!


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I have many questions about this.

1. Why is this 12-year-old’s handwriting so terrible?

2. Why is he making handmade books like a much younger child?

3. What kind of a name is Cem?

4. Who is this meant to impress? Who is the audience, his parents? Because yuck.

Maybe I don’t know enough about tween boys, but it seems like this kid should have better things to do than make creepy little books about how to understand women. I mean, shouldn’t he be playing video games or sneaking the Victoria’s Secret catalog into the bathroom or plotting One Direction‘s demise? What’s with all the handmade advice?

But what bothers me even more if is that this is being held up online as some sort of clever, cheeky statement. It’s the REAL TRUTH about women, y’all. We’re totally inscrutable, difficult humans, so much so that even a 12-year-old can’t decipher us! LOL.

You actually can understand women. Here’s what you need to understand: Women are human. Each woman is an individual human being with hopes, fears, likes and dislikes that vary from every other living breathing human woman in the world.

It’s really sad to me that a kid, who probably hasn’t even had a relationship yet and almost certainly hasn’t had one with an adult woman, is already spouting this kind of trite, meaningless and misogynistic bullshit. Of course, I don’t expect someone that’s probably in middle school to be giving good relationship advice! Maybe he was put up to this by his douchey dad or older brother or cousin. But it’s a damn shame that he’s already buying into the societal stereotype of women as crazy and puzzling…kinda like Taylor Swift.

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