how vibrators are made

Dr. Lindsey Doe is the honest sex ed teacher you never had. Her popular YouTube channel, Sexplanations, can help you fill the gaps in your knowledge of human sexuality. And, as of today, show you how vibrators are made.

Dr. Doe recently attended CatalystCon, whose website describes it as a conference “created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality,” and brought her audience along for the experience of handcrafting a Crave vibrator. The video shows every step of the process, from putting together the circuit board to waterproofing the body with silicone grease. Hot! Each vibrator undergoes several tests for safety, gets thoroughly cleaned, and gets packaged in a TSA-approved box. Because there’s nothing worse than a sex toy that can’t fly. Crave’s Duet Vibrator sells for about $150 on Amazon, which seems pricey until you find out that it charges via USB. That’s hilarious enough to be worth it, right?

But don’t be turned off if you don’t vibe with sex accessories—Dr. Doe has plenty more to offer. Sexplanations is a great source for real, bullshit-proof advice and information about the stuff that matters: how to give and receive consent, how to avoid and treat urinary tract infections, and how to understand your own vulva.

Another recent video, “How to Deal with Sexual Injustices” deserves like six trophies (and a hand-crafted vibrator). Dr. Doe demonstrates practical ways to work through issues you might have in regards to your own sexuality and sexual experiences. I rate this video, and everything else on the Sexplanations channel, five out of five dildos.

Sexplanations posts new videos every week, so go find out what the buzz is about. GET IT?