It’s probably been a long time since you’ve been to “show and tell,” but don’t you sort of miss it? You get to show off something that you think is completely spectacular, tell a little somethin’ somethin’ about it and everyone in the room has to focus on you while you do so. It’s awesome, it’s great and why we haven’t continued this practice into adulthood at our places of employment is just plain uncool!

Our partner site, HowAboutWe, dares to ask during their rundown of profile questions what people would bring to “show and tell.” You know, as a little “get to know me” type thing. Although there were a handful of people who didn’t even know what the game is — the horrors! — most of the fellas are willing to play along and offer up some fun ideas. If you know what you’d like to bring to “show and tell,” then you must make the first step toward getting there by setting up a profile on TheGloss dating page.

So get your quirky thoughts in order, be inspired by the singles below, then set up your own profile to start luring in the love.

So what do you have to show and tell? Share it on TheGloss dating page now.