Claire Sinclair and Marston Hefner

As we continue to hate Chris Brown throughout the day, I’d like to call to your attention another instance of alleged domestic violence involving two semi-famous young people. Claire Sinclair, 2011’s Playmate of the Year, was dating Marston Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s son, on and off for about a year and a half beginning in August of 2010.

On Sunday night, as the couple was moving into a new apartment in Pasadena, CA, Marston allegedly got so upset in the middle of an argument that he kicked, punched, and shoved Sinclair, leaving a bruise the size of a peach on her upper right arm.

Marston posted $20,000 bail a few hours after he was taken into custody, and Sinclair filed a restraining an emergency restraining order against him. In a video interview with E! Online, Sinclair describes what happened that night:

[eonline id=”MIutAzCERPs9odIPEWWh9Cf11p0LA_Vk”]

There’s nothing that’s not disturbing about this, but as someone who has always had a fondness in my heart for Playboy, I’m particularly disgusted that Hugh Hefner hasn’t spoken out about what happened that night. I don’t agree with everything Hugh Hefner has ever said or done, but I’ve believed that he at least respected, in a way that a lot of the rest of the country did not, the women he’s worked with, like Sinclair, whose forward thinking and cajones (if you will) have allowed him to have the career that he’s had.

But it becomes immediately and abjectly impossible to believe any of that when he refuses to make a statement about one such woman being beaten by his own son. As Sinclair says in the video, it’s a little understandable, I guess, to want to protect his family. But it’s not understandable, nor is it acceptable, to stay mum on this topic, particularly because ignoring domestic violence is one of the things that allows the cycle to continue.