As you may know, Hurricane Sandy has left New Yorkers with a continuing fuel shortage. It’s technically possible to get gas here now, but who wants to be stuck in line for an hour when you could be using that hour to give a blowjay to a stranger in exchange for goods worth approximately $60?

“Not me, suckas!” is what a lot of dudes on Craigslist are hoping you’ll think. A quick scan of the “casual encounters” section reveals numerous would-be johns just aching to trade a few gallons of premium for some premium dick touching. Check it out!

This guy wants to do you in his gas shed:


This guy needs a BJ right quick or he will die:

This guy has a basic knowledge of puns:

This guy would prefer you to be Hispanic or white, but would do it with a black/Asian/Pacific islander in a pinch:

I don’t know if anyone’s had any takers so far, but Craigslist is not exactly crawling with women who are dying to blow people for gas, perhaps because the subway takes most of us where we need to go, or perhaps because contains constantly updated info on where gas can be found; my roommate and I waited in line for twenty minutes the other day, and we both found it preferable to licking a stranger’s balls. That said, perhaps this sexxxy shortage will inspire a new kind of niche fetish porn involving hot fuel injections.

(Via EliteDaily)