Look, I’m going to take a strong stance here and say that this cannot possibly be real.

Not that I don’t think that people could stupidly send a text message to the wrong person. I mean, my greatest fear is pretty much that I will type the name of some ex-boyfriend I’m checking up on into my Twitter subject instead of the search box.

Everyone worries about that? Good. That makes me feel better. We should all probably stop twitter-stalking our exes.

But! I just can’t believe he would have typed “fuck” afterwards. I mean, I especially can’t believe he would have typed it with an ellipses. No one puts that much effort into grammar when they have just destroyed their marriage. That said, I like that whoever did this found a way to play on our greatest fears, and I think it’s interesting that one of our fears in this day and age is “very easily sending things to the wrong people.” I guess the Newsroom did this, too. Actually, come to think of this, in Bonfire of the Vanities, the main character accidentally calls his wife when he means to call his mistress.

So it’s not that new.

Well, texting is new. That’s new. There we go.

And I suppose there is a chance that this man just is pretty blase about the whole destroying his marriage thing. Anyone think it’s for real? – via Buzzfeed