There’s a new movie about boys trying to lose their virginity called The Virginity Hit on the way, and our friends over The Frisky aren’t amused. They note:

When it comes to teen boys and their virginity, why is it that Hollywood insists on telling the same story over and over again? Is it just because that narrative has proven itself to be profitable? I’m not saying flicks where girls lose their virginity onscreen are the ideal (especially since girls are the only ones getting slut shamed). But with “The Virginity Hit” coming out soon, it’s clear that movies about boys losing their virginity are stuck on repeat.

I think all that’s true. I’ll still almost certainly go see this movie. And I will see the billion other incarnations of that plot that crop up over my lifetime.

Because I like being transported back to a time in life when sex meant so very much. Maybe it only meant being able to join the non-virgin club, but that in itself was a big deal. It meant that, unlike the main character in the 40 Year Old Virgin, you would know that the members of the opposite sex’s body parts didn’t feel like “big bags of sand.” It was about transforming from being a kid into being someone more worldly, someone somehow more adult.  After my first time I remember staring at myself in the mirror because I was half convinced I’d actually look more sophisticated.

Obviously, this isn’t an endorsement of holding onto your virginity. This is TheGloss not some Christian Cult site – hey, have sex, have a lot of sex, use a condom – but that first time is special. Sex will mean a lot of things for the rest of your life – it will mean love, it will mean lust, it will mean something you do because no good TV is on (Juno) – but it will never be as much of an adventure as it is that first time. And to remember that time in life is to remember what it was to be very young.

Also, slapstick humor is funny, the end.