Well, if you like crosswords. I’m really terrible at crosswords (I get stuck on one word and just obsess over it until I want to tear the paper to shreds) so this proposal would have taken me a good 6 or 7 days to actually figure out. You know, after my fiance taped the paper back together. But! That doesn’t mean it’s not adorable.

From The Washington Post, here is the story, which is a five letter word meaning “love tale,” which is a clue it would take me 2.5 hours to figure out:

For months Newman, 28, had been trying to figure out how to propose to Marlowe Epstein. “I wanted to do something unique,” he said. One day as he watched her sit immersed in a crossword puzzle — as she so often is — he had an idea. And with a little help from Bob Klahn, vet­eran crossword creator, Newman’s plan became a black-and-white reality in Sunday’s Washington Post Style section…

Once Newman flushed out his plan, he contacted The Washington Post, where editors put him in touch with Klahn. It took Klahn several days to create the puzzle, as he wanted to make sure it was as relevant as possible. (He’s had some practice at this: In 1998 he crafted a New York Times puzzle that also doubled as a marriage proposal. The woman said yes to that one, too.)

[That] morning, [Marlowe] said, “just seemed like business as usual to me.” When she woke up, there was a cup of coffee waiting for her. As rain whipped against the windows of the couple’s Alexandria apartment, she settled on the couch with Newman, who was working on a crossword. “I’m stuck,” he said, prompting her to help.

Hours after she solved the puzzle and looked at the ring, Epstein still couldn’t fully wrap her mind around what had happened. “I’m just amazed,” she said. “I did not see it coming at all.” That was the idea. “I’ve been telling her forever that she was special,” Newman said. “And I wanted to do something so she would know that I meant it.