i hate valentines day

It’s time to come clean. I hate Valentine’s Day. Nobody likes to hear this and I am fully aware of how annoying it is when people don’t shut up about hating Valentine’s Day, so I’m trying to do better.

I know that admitting this is pretty irritating given that I have an awesome boyfriend who I’m crazy about, and so I’m in no position to complain about a holiday specifically designed for me. But I am what I am and I have always hated Valentine’s Day, single or coupled. It’s tons of weird expectation to have slow, sustained eye contact sex, buy gifts, and go out in public.

I tend to feel a lot of undo pressure around Valentine’s Day–I find that my family hints about my boyfriend “popping the question” (barf), people raise their eyebrows lecherously and ask me what we’ve got planned, and frown when I say that we’re going to have dinner with a bunch of friends. The lead up and disappointing people with my non-sexy plans that gets old.

I’m a well documented negative Nancy, and I’m tired of it. It’s time for me to hate one less thing in the world, so in the interest of bettering myself, I’m trying to learn to love Valentine’s Day. I asked my coworkers to tell me how they spend their Valentine’s Days in hopes that I’d recognize that they have a lot of fun, and I’m hoping you’ll tell me how you spend yours, too. It’s time to stop being the worst.

Eve Vawter

valentines day candy

Valentines day is amateur’s night for love. That being said, I plan on eating a lot of candy while making my husband tell me how much he loves me.

Kaitlin Reilly

how to lose a guy in 10 days

I spend it watching a terrible Kate Hudson movie and eating candy. And sometimes my friends and I do a secret Valentine gift exchange.

Jessica Booth

valentines day ideas

I’m not super into Valentine’s Day, but I do like to use it as a day to do something fun with my boyfriend. I was a waitress for seven years, so the idea of going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day makes me want to throw up, so instead my boyfriend and I make dinner together. Since we both still live with our parents, we always get a room at a big hotel in the Poconos, where we make dinner, hang out in a hot tub, go skiing during the day, and just generally relax for the weekend. It’s really great.

Joanna Rafael

planet of the apes

I usually spend valentines day (Cupid’s birthday) doing what I do but with slightly more champagne drinking. This year, my boo and I will be watching Planet of the Apes over wine and ice cream sandwiches.

Carrie Murphy

valentines day dessert

I usually get my boyfriend a card and make him a nice dessert and/or dinner, but that’s about it. Nothing too special or fancy!

Okay, this all sounds really lovely and I like candy and love. Maybe I could become a Valentine’s Day appreciator, after all.

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