Lisa Linehan has her entire wedding planned. She isn’t currently dating anyone.

Now, you might say to yourself “oh, that’s normal, lots of women fantastize about their wedding. How else will they be able to determine whether they want to be married by an Elvis impersenator or a Liberace impersenator?” And I would agree! Except Lisa actually has the wedding scheduled. She has the dress. She has the church reserved. She has the date picked out.

And the details look awesome. She’s letting readers vote on things like her potential gown at the Project Husband homepage.

But I’m just not sure why you’d want to do all the planning without someone you want to marry. After all, shouldn’t this all be secondary? It  may just be me, but I’ve always thought that if you found the perfect person, the wedding wouldn’t really matter that much. I mean, sure, weddings are fun, and yay cake and champagne, but I would think the really exciting thing is getting to spend the rest of your life with someone you’re madly in love with.

I’m completely down with this woman having a big fancy party – but I worry that she’ll end up marrying someone who is a less than perfect match just because she’s planned the wedding. I wish there were a way she could have all the fun of planning it – which she seems to be enjoying – without feeling like she has to make a commitment. Honestly, I sort of wish that if she doesn’t find anyone she’s truly in love with at the end of the year, she could just stand up there and celebrate her singlehood in a really pretty dress.