hugh hefner

I’d have sex with Hugh Hefner. Just in case you were shocked by The Esquire article in which Hugh Hefner talks about having slept with over a thousand women, which a lot of people seem to be, yes, I just wanted to say, I’d probably sleep with him.

I mean, I’d do it now just because it would be bizarre in the way that it would be cool to say you walked on the moon (so many craters!).

There aren’t many people you could say you’ve slept with that would really surprise people without making them think you were somehow awful. Like, if you slept with Russell Brand, people would kind of be like “well, yep, I guess that’s what happens when you run into Russell Brand. Was it, like, in a supermarket? Because I can see Russell Brand just having casual sex with a stranger in a supermarket. Story checks out.”

And if you slept with Barack Obama, people would be surprised, but they would also be outraged. The reaction would not be “Weird! What was it like!?” They would instead say “What about Michelle? What about his family?”

So, yes, I think Hugh Hefner is one of the few people who would really inspire a “wow! Weird!” reaction, and I go for that. I go for that when I sleep with people, apparently.

It would be an adventure.

But, obviously, I would prefer to sleep with a younger Hugh Hefner. Not because of this:

young hugh hefnerMore because of this:

1961 playboyThis was the official statement regarding race at the Playboy Clubs in 1961. It read:

Let us make our attitudes clear to you: We believe in the acceptance of all person from all aspects of life on the basis of individual merit and without any regard to race, color, or religion. Do we mean that we are “tolerant” and that we believe in economic integration, not social integration? No, we mean we believe in being “colorblind” straight down the line. We believe that any form of racial discrimination is illogical and we have great respect for logic. We do not practice racial discimination and we have no sympathy for those who do (althought we do respect the rights of others to hold and peacefully advocate any point of view, no matter how idiotic and off-base it might seem to us).

That was in 1961 that he laid down that policy. I think we now just think of Hugh Hefner as some doddering old fogy who is partying with rap stars and 20-somethings in bunny outfits, but he was also pretty much a pioneer in the civil rights movement.

And, in a pretty puritanical time, he seemed comfortable saying that sex was fun, and pleasurable and should be enjoyed.

And, while, yes, he does seem to love traditionally attractive young women, he also seems comfortable having women running his empire. When it comes to sex, I figure everyone has their preferences.

So, Hugh, if you want to make it 1,001, give me a call.

Pictures via Wikipedia, Esquire