ilana glazer interviewing strangers

If you don’t already watch Broad City, you’re not just missing out on one of the best, freshest comedies of the last several years, but you’re probably causing irreparable damage to yourself. I’m not sure it’s possible to live a long and healthy life without the presence of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen on your TV. Oh, and the more I watch of Ilana’s YouTube series, Chronic Gamer Girl, the more I start to think I’d die without that, too.

I fell hardcore in love with CGG when Ilana posted her hilarious-inspiring-adorable 420 video, in which she stands in front of a white background, completely naked, and talks to us about the importance of self-love. “Did you know that you are hot?” she asks us. “Like so f*cking hot.”

Today’s video, aptly called “Stranger-er Exchanges!” is even more charming, as Ilana takes a microphone around New York City and interviews strangers about their experiences with sex. Some are heartwarming (a white-haired man talks about his five children!) and some are sad (a young woman had her first experiences with a ‘really mean person’) and some are LOL-worthy (Ilana insists that a hot stranger must have no idea what celibacy is like). The whole video gets tied up into a neat little bow at the end, when Ilana reflects on what we learned today, Mr. Rogers-style:

Listen, just feel good. What else is there even to do in this stupid little life than feel as good as we can, as often as we can? And let’s be honest: get off, you know? Who needs drugs when you’ve got the thrill of trying to get laid all around you. Forget getting laid; trying kissing someone. It’s an emotional roller coaster, and you’re riding on free will, baby. Just be safe, of course.

She’s so freaking easy to love. I hope we’ll be seeing more and more of her as time goes on, and I hope this YouTube series never ends. I also hope she continues to wear those fantastic crop tops.

Photo via YouTube