jennifer lawrence bradley cooper

And if Bradley Cooper is dating Jennifer Lawrence, because Silver Linings Playbook just sparked a crazy romance, what do we call them? Brennifer? It sounds like the kind of breakfast pastry you’d get in Prague. I’m behind that, actually.

But no, we can’t call them that, because they are not dating. This is not really news aside from the fact that this means that there will not be a lot of fun dance numbers, like there were in Silver Linings playbook, and that makes me pretty sad. But! I am happy, because Bradley Cooper has an interesting comment on this. He says:

“If it didn’t happen by now, it’s not gonna happen,” he said. “I could literally be her father.”

Bradley Cooper is 38, Jennifer Lawrence is 22.

On one hand, that does not strike me at a HUGE age gap. Honestly, I think once you’re out of school and having a professional career and generally living a grown-up life, you get to date whoever you want. Jennifer Lawrence is presumably living on her own and earning her own way. She is an adult at this point.

But, on the other hand, I’m happy that Bradley Cooper is not is not some Charlie Sheen type who feels like the correct of age of women to be dating is always “22” regardless of his own age. That seems like a mature thing to be aware of.

Though, if he’d fathered Jennifer Lawrence, he’d have been a sad teen dad. I feel like the sentiment only really carries weight when it would not have been surprising if you were someone’s father.

Picture via Silver Linings Playbook