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Oh snap, Glee fans, good ol’ Lea Michele might be getting officially booed up.* Last night, she was spotted wearing a big rock that wasn’t around just a few days prior. The 28-year-old actress showed up to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night looking all sorts of cool in a simple white tee with black blazer, black pants, and a braided illusion hairstyle. Oh, and this giant ring on her left ring finger.

Lea Michele ring engagement

(Photo: Cathy Gibson, PacificCoastNews)

Subtle! Well, sort of–isn’t this a bit more crazy than what you would imagine Lea Michele wearing for an engagement ring? To us, it seems a little more on the unconventional side and Lea comes off as a “big, pure diamond” kind of gal. Naturally, this leads everyone to wonder if she has become secretly engaged to her boyfriend of less than a year, Matthew Paetz. It’s totally possible–just look how cute they are:

Lea Michele Matthew Paetz engagement

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Did I mention he’s apparently a former gigolo? That’s certainly not a bad thing; if anything, it means he is probably really, really great at…well, everything.

Perhaps more incriminate, she also appeared to be hiding her left hand. With the exception of the above photo, she repeatedly held jackets over her hand and kept her sleeve tugged down past the knuckles.

Lea Michele hands

(Photo: Cathy Gibson, PacificCoastNews)

Dun dun DUNNN.

Then again, this could all be a coincidence. Or better yet, it could just be Lea Michele messing with us all, knowing that subtly wearing a ring or hiding her hands could start a media frenzy (hi, I’m buying into it right now). If I were a celebrity, I would likely do that all the time, then subtly allude to whom I marrying by hashtagging “#PatrickStewart #OrTaylorSwiftsCat.” That’ll throw ’em off.

In any case, hopefully she is happy regardless of whether they’re engaged or not. After getting raked over by the tabloids for how she existed after Cory Monteith died, she deserves it.

*Yes, this sentence is probably one of the dumber things I’ve typed, but I won’t lie–I enjoyed it.