When it comes to sex, I’ve always kind of gone by the rule that it’s a good thing to do when one or both partners are up for it (preferably both, I suppose, now that I really think about it). But according to an article at Momlogic.com, there’s a whole world out there of unspoken pressure to have sex on random holiday nights like New Year’s Eve, and that pressure means that sometimes, that holiday sex is bad.

Am I the only one who didn’t quite realize this? I mean, the article talks about feeling obligated to have sex on Valentine’s Day, and on your anniversary. So, sure. I hear that. But 1) I didn’t know about sex on other big holidays, like New Year’s, and 2) do people really stick to these so-called obligations? It kind of reminds me of like I need to put out because someone bought me dinner or something — an awkward kind of feeling, not at all sexy, and difficult to initiate because you’re not really into it.

So my question is, what’s the point? I mean, shit — I know a number of couples who didn’t even bone on their wedding night because they were too tired. There are so many other nights you can have sex — why insist on doing it on specific days of the year rather than just doing it when the hormones strike?

What do you think? Is holiday sex a thing? Should it be?