I’ve watched this video three times to try to figure out if recent Vanderbilt cheerleader/graduate Katherine Chloe Cahoon is serious, and I still can’t tell. Well, I watched it once while laughing so hard that vodka came out my nose, and then I watched it twice more, so I’m not sure the first viewing really counts. But, oh, God, “he’s like Albert Einstein in a Lance Armstrong’s body!” And then she wears a dress thats it look as though she’s about to tear out Alexis Carrington’s hair in the grand foyer.

So, basically, this is the best dating video in the history of the world.

And she has a blog! SHE HAS A BLOG!

Now, look, as someone who has dated European Men (line up for advice, ladies) I have to say, not really my bag. I hated being stared at blankly and having to explain myself when I said things like “He’s an Alex P. Keaton type” or “that came out of left field!” My idioms, I found, were important to me. But even if they weren’t, I don’t really understand fetishizing a group of men just because they have cool accents. Wouldn’t it matter more that they had interests similar to yours that they could communicate with cool accents? No. No, guess not. – Jezebel