Isabella Calthorpe  and Sam Branson wedding

The couple in London in 2011

Maybe Paris Hilton was more astute than we originally thought when she notoriously declared she (and her sister Nicky) were the closest thing America had to royalty. It’s certainly the only thing that could explain why Americans seem to give a lot of fucks about royal family goings-on. Kate Middleton, for one, has spawned plastic surgery trends and even inspires news items for rumored cookie preferences–and people click those stories just as ravenously over here.

But, we wonder, does the same apply for royal exes?

During a temporary split from Middleton, Prince William courted* Isabella Calthorpe, oft-cited by British tabloids as “the one that got away” (apparently Prince Charles gets wistful because Calthorpe is well bred or whatever).

Not so well-bred, however, that she was above inviting Hello! to her wedding:

isabella-calthorpe-sam-branson-weddingCalthorpe married Sir Richard Branson‘s model/filmmaker son, Sam Branson, in front of 140 guests on the elder Branson’s South African game reserve. She wore a strapless lace gown by Monique Lhuillier.

As for the stunning location, the couple are apparently wildlife enthusiasts. Here are some quotes:

“There’s something about being so close to nature that just makes you feel alive,” Sam told HELLO!. “You’re connected to nature at its most raw; you’re in the animals’ environment and you’re very aware of that and that’s what’s so exciting about the place.”

“To me, going on safari is one of the most incredible experiences you can have,” agreed Isabella, who is known to those close to her as Bellie. “So for our families and friends to be able to share in something we love so much as part of our wedding celebrations is wonderful.”

Now let’s discuss the very-Paris Hilton move of inviting tabloids to things like this. Do we file this under “normal levels of Kardashian” or “Turbo Kardashian?” Go!

*Also, Calthorpe and Prince William are still on great terms, because she was a guest at the Royal Wedding. So don’t lose any sleep over that.