What’s the best way to become famous? Well, there’s porn. Or a reality show. But there’s a way that helps you get famous without the world having to see you naked – dating a celebrity. Right now, two exes of designer Marc Jacobs are both having a moment, and they have their connections to Marc to thank.

Lorenzo Martone, an advertising executive originally from Brazil, spent several years in an on-and-off relationship with Jacobs. The two were reportedly engaged several times, and they were often photographed by the paparazzi while on exotic vacations. They officially split earlier this year, and now Martone is the subject of his very own New York York Times profile. Jacobs’ name, unsurprisingly, appears in the first sentence.

This was on Wednesday, roughly four months after Mr. Martone, formerly half of a tabloid-famous couple, the longtime boyfriend and then the sort-of fiancé and then, according to New York magazine and the Internet rumor mill, at some point Mr. Jacobs’s husband, was not. For most of the two previous years, the pair had been a glossy tabloid staple known as MarLo. On the arc of publicly enacted passion, their relationship fell somewhere between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock.

So what’s next for Martone as he tries to become something other than a famous designer’s arm candy? Last year, he started his own talent and advertising agency called ARC. The Times publicity, not to mention Martone’s name recognition, will surely be a boon to business.

But what about Jacobs’ other loves? His former boyfriend, model Austin Armacost (pictured), is one of the stars of Logo’s new reality show The A List, which is a kind of Real Housewives of New York, gay edition. Because the show is so much about the New York glamorous lifestyle, dropping Jacobs’ name is a way to associate the program – and, of course, its stars – with high fashion. Armacost’s storyline (note: I attended a press event for the show last week and viewed scenes from upcoming episodes) is about how he was once a high-paid model and is now struggling to make a comeback at the old age of 22. Not only does mentioning that he used to date Jacobs help place Armacost in the milieu of high society, it also reminds the audience that Armacost is no longer dating Jacobs, and serves as a quick, obvious marker for his loss of status. In a clip from the show, Armacost says that Jacobs had one “rule” in their relationship, which was never to bring people over to his home. Armacost admits that he got drunk and invited some friends over. The next morning, he found all his things packed up in the lobby and was told to leave.

In a few years, will either of these men be able to maintain a career beyond their status as a celebrity ex-boyfriend? Or will there be a reality show featuring someone who got famous because he used to date Austin Armacost?