Did you think you had heard every conceivable use of the phrase, “well, in this economy…”? Well guess what? You haven’t! Because according to Time magazine, it’s now possible to use the recession as a reason to cheat.

The theory springs from reserach done at the University of Kansas, in which experts made men think about death, and then showed them sexy pictures. Those who had thought about death got more aroused.

Now, one could extrapolate that those men just have some sort of a necrophilia kink, which, well, whatever floats your boat, I guess, as long as no one gets hurt. But instead, researchers took the more obvious path and suggested that since the men were pondering their imminent demise, they felt more of a biological imperative to get their sperm out there as fast as possible to as many women as possible, so that their precious genes would live on.

From there, the theory goes that while an economic downturn isn’t the same as, say, a caveman not being able to find food, when you follow the worst-case scenario path, not having a job could actually literally lead to not having anything to eat.

Get it?

Anyway, I’ve said before that I’m not sure how much I buy the whole “but we’re wiiiirrrreeeed to cheat” argument, and I’ll say it again. Because while much of what humans do is driven by biology, we also have the ability to be rational and reasonable and think about the consequences of our actions. Whether we choose to utilize all those fun gifts from nature…well, that’s the question. And sometimes I wonder why science rarely bothers to ask it.