jimbo colorado shooter james holmes

His profile began “will you visit me in prison?”

For the record, do not think that men who begin profiles that way are edgy or exciting. They could be completely serious.

The New York Daily News found Jame’s Holmes – now known for the Colorado shooting’s – Adult Friend Finder Profile, in which he went by “Classicjimbo.” In addition to describing himself as “single, athletic and a light drinker with a “male endowment” that was “short/average,” he claimed “I am a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans.”

He was rejected by three different ladies, one claiming that she “just wasn’t into him.” Although one remarked that “he was just looking to maybe chat . . . nothing sexual.”

This is all upsetting – because I think we can agree that “unknowingly hooking up with a psychopath” is high on the list of female fears – but what conclusions should we draw from it? How should we behave differently as a result? Will knowing that questionable people could be lurking on them make you less inclined to use dating sites? Would this somehow have been more or less scary if he’d been on Match.com? Will this make you change any aspect of your life?
Basically, I’m just curious about how it makes you feel,  beyond the realm of “this seems like a common female nightmare.” This is a common female nightmare, right? Or have I just read American Psycho too many times?