A few days ago, we posted about Chelsea Gill, the latest in a series of civilians to ask a celebrity out via YouTube. Chelsea directed her video missive at Jason Segal, and she upped the ante a bit in the YouTube proposition genre by writing the “Muppets” star a song.

Well, Segal has proven not only that he isn’t a dick (hi, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) but that he’s going to see Gill’s serenade, and raise her being super awesome. Someone tipped the actor off to the video, and he had this to say about it on Twitter:

My favorite thing, maybe ever. I am in awe. Response on the way —

His tweet included a link to Chelsea’s video. We will be following this story for up-to-the-minute happenings, and will keep you abreast once Segal releases his (hopefully musical) response.

Also, as a side note, take a few minutes to read Segal’s Twitter feed. He might be the nicest person on the internet, and I think he has a lot to teach the rest of us assholes about how to use social media without being a dick, and also about how to appreciate life. Way to kill it in the New Year, Segal.