Jessica Simpson announces her pregnancy over Twitter

Amidst all the things famous people did for Halloween, we kind of ignored Jessica Simpson‘s semi-announcement of her pregnancy. She posted the above image of herself in costume to Twitter along with the message, “It’s true! I am going to be a mummy.” HA! HA!

Usually when famous people announce pregnancies or divorces, we pay attention. Simpson seems to have gone mostly ignored. Why? Here are our guesses:

  • Because people have been speculating about this for a while now and no one is surprised.
  • Because Jessica Simpson is now famous primarily for being Jessica Simpson and people don’t really care.
  • Because it was just a ploy for attention, capsized by that much bigger/juicier/unfathomably stupider ploy for attention by another useless famous person yesterday?
  • Because Vanessa Minnillo controls the media.

    Either way, she really should have held out for an Us Weekly cover.