Jill Duggar wedding bridesmaid dresses belts wtf(Photo: Amy Duggar/Instagram)

As the rest of the world had a calm Tuesday evening, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard‘s paycheck circus wedding special aired on TLC and, my goodness, what a special it was. If there’s anything we have learned from watching the Duggars plan a wedding, it is that, other than God’s fave beauty products, you must choose the least aesthetically appealing options for your very public ceremony–and that includes awful bridesmaid dresses! Ones with belts. Belts.

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Indeed, 19 Kids and Counting: Jill’s Wedding featured some of the least appealing bridesmaid dresses that will make you say aloud, “Thank goodness I am not a Duggar, though I guess it would be nice to have that much money for simply existing and not making out on the TV.” (Or maybe that’s just what I’m saying out loud whenever I see them.) As you can see on the above photo of Jana Duggar and Jinger Duggar, these are gowns so bad that even people with perfect hair (albeit styled like poodles here) can’t pull them off. While we are aware that they’ve been trying to do this whole “budget wedding” thing, there are enough inexpensive bridesmaids dresses out there that the wedding party’s women should never have been subjected to these pale blue monstrosities.

Why are there belts? I’m all for accessories, but brown belts on pale blue dresses at a wedding is not one of them. These are just about The Worst (at least, for a very wealthy family who is on television and choosing to publicly broadcast a wedding over the course of an entire season and definitely has access to stylists), but on the bride side, they’re a pretty shade of blue. So there! Good job, Jill Duggar, at least you picked an appealing color to ruin with belts.