Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson sex tape

Of all the fun things in the news about Girls Gone Wild creator and convicted violent offender Joe Francis lately, the most intriguing was that the tables were finally turned on him regarding a video of the sexual nature he didn’t want people to see, but was out there. Francis and his girlfriend Abbey Wilson reportedly had a “hardcore” sex tape out there that escaped from their grasp when Wilson’s iPad was stolen from her bag.

Apparently, porn giant Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsch has purchased Francis’ sex tape and then…returned it. To Francis and Wilson. Just like that.

A letter obtained by TMZ from Wilson to Hirsch supposedly reveals her gratitude:


Joe has always said what a stand up guy you are in business and what a great friend you are. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Joe and I out in this unfortunate situation. It’s calming to know that we have such a loyal, true friend when an unexpected problem arises. You are a compassionate, warm hearted, and caring man that we are so grateful to have in our lives.

Thank you again,

Abbey Wilson

Something smells fishy here…

I sort of doubt that Vivid, one of the biggest names in porn, would turn down the chance to make money and, instead, actually spend a bunch of their own dollars to then return the tape to its “rightful” owners who are incredibly rich people themselves. In my own (admittedly skeptical) mind, I think that either Francis gave the CEO money to purchase the tape, which would make it bizarre for Wilson to have sent him a thank you note, or that this was all a giant setup to gain publicity, attract pity points and stop people from talking about how much of an asshole Francis has been lately (and always).

For a guy who thinks the jurors who declared him guilty should be lined up and murdered, and has numerous allegations against him of aggressive and violent behavior toward women, I wouldn’t put it past Joe Francis to have made this up for sympathy or simply as a publicity stunt.

Photo: Getty Images