jon hamm on the big date

I know he has some stiff competition, what with James Franco hitting on teenagers over Instagram and Seth Rogen posting glamour shots of his balls, but Jon Hamm just seems like one of the most lovable actors in Hollywood. He steals the show in Mad Men, he’s always blown us away with his comedy chops (Can you beat Bridesmaids? Probably not), and now we get to see him in his best role yet: looking like a loser on a ’90s dating show.

Yep. A 25-year-old Hamm looks like an adorable idiot on a 1996 episode of The Big Date. Watch him flip his horrible haircut, watch him interact with the unfortunately-named host, Mark L. Walberg, whose claim to fame is now Antiques Roadshow, and watch him lose to a guy wearing Dawson’s Creek khakis. Too good to handle.

25-year-old jon hamm

When asked how he would woo Mary— the main contestant who’s inexplicably wearing a flight attendant’s uniform– Jon giggles nervously, like he’s exhausting all his energy to pretend he’s taking this seriously. “I’d start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation,” he says, breaking into a giggle. “End it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity.” The audience cheers, Mark Walberg looks bored, and a passion-filled Mary almost sweats off her blue eyeshadow.

I can’t decide on my favorite part. Is it his trash ‘stache? Is it when he says the word “fabulosity?” Is it the fact that this loser grew up to play the world’s most iconic pickup artist? Actually, it might be the way the studio audience cheers and ooh’s at all the cheesy sexual jokes, because it confirms my suspicion that all dating in the mid ’90s was like something straight out of Saved By the Bell.

He may not have won the contest, but I get the feeling Jon Hamm is doing all right in his love life. Jennifer Westfeldt seems pretty satisfied after 17 years, and the majority of Mad Men fans are enjoying his fabulous foot massages in their fantasies.

Via TMZ / Photo: YouTube