The eternally delightful Maggie Gyllenhaal went on The Daily Show last night to promote her new movie Hysteria, and for once, Jon Stewart was at a loss for words.

Based on actual historical events, Hysteria tells the story of the serendipitous invention of the vibrator, which was once used to cure everything from toothaches to depression. Stewart started strong with a joke about how the movie takes place in “a time when men made the decisions about women’s health without the knowledge or the emotional ability” (the more things change!) but quickly grew flustered when discussing the nitty-gritty of how doctors used to give woman orgasms, or as he so eloquently put it, “the female…what happens.”

Despite being unable to say any of the actual words for things, Stewart soldiered on for a while until giving up and saying “fuck this, how’s your brother?” Ever the professional, Maggie guided the conversation back towards the topic at hand. I guess it just goes to show you that even the most intelligent and well-spoken of men can regress back to middle school when trying to talk about female sexuality.

(Via The Daily Show)