Justin Bieber stripper named Diamond

Meet Diamond. Diamond works as a dancer in a popular Houston gentleman’s club called VLive. Diamond made more money in a few hours this weekend than most of us probably make in a month, and she has Justin Bieber to thank for that. And we have Diamond’s wonderfully expressive Twitter to thank for all the info on this particular exchange, as shown by the tweets she wrote the day after she worked while Bieber and his buddy Floyd Mayweather came into VLive.

Naturally, this means that entire middle schools are picking out riot weapons so they can storm Houston, because that’s just what happens when Beliebers have to belieb something other than Bieber being (bebeing? too much?) anything other than their own boyfriend.

So, how much did Diamond make off the Biebs? Quite a bit, even when you consider that it’s primarily in 1-dollar bills:

Justin Bieber stripper money

I feel like getting a ton of ones and fives all the time would be kind of awesome because no matter what, you always have a fat stack in your wallet. Yes, I am one of those people whose mind is easily tricked. I am okay with that. I am also seriously debating contacting this woman and begging her to teach me how to be awesome at stripping, but I think I will probably just stick to vicariously living through twitpics.

Photos: Twitter, Getty Images.