kaley cuoco ryan sweeting 2Kaley Cuoco and tennis player Ryan Sweeting got married (to each other!) on New Year’s Eve, and from the photos, it looks like a beautiful and adorable affair. First off, I am about to type a sentence that I am not prepared for: I love Cuoco’s cotton-candy pink Vera Wang wedding dress.

Do you think this caption is a pun?

“Last night I married my sweetheart :) life couldn’t be sweeter”

Get it? Because of his last name? Oh gosh. That joke’s got a lot of mileage in it. Here’s another shot of the pair, from Sweeting’s Instagram account.

As far as weddings go, I am 100% in favor of the non-white wedding dress. Why is that even a thing anymore? It’s your wedding day, so shouldn’t it just be an accepted thing that you get to wear whatever the hell you could possibly want? If you force everyone you know to spend their New Year’s Eve with you, it feels like wearing a dress in any color (or romper, overalls, jeans, or skirt ensemble) you want should be totally allowed. Then again, I guess we all have confirmation now that Cuoco may or may not have had premarital sex, so somebody call up the One Million Moms or something so we can organize a protest.

Now here’s something I’m confused about–why is it a thing to have your wedding on a major holiday? I like weddings as much as the next curmudgeon (not a lot, only if they involve people I really, really like), but I’m not really sure on the etiquette of asking people to cancel plans with their families or their Netflix queues and a bottle of wine or three to go celebrate their holy union. Am I being a total prick here? Help me be better.

New Year’s Eve wedding or not, Cuoco looked unbelievable and they look genuinely happy and in love. It’s hard not to smile when you look at these two.

Photos: Instagram