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Look, when I heard Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their baby – whose name is still North, despite my continual conviction that it will change to “Kimberly” one of these days – were moving in with Kim’s mom, I thought, “That is surprising.” I thought that because Kris Jenner seems like a demanding person to live with, and if they needed help with childcare I figured they could really afford childcare.

But I guess this is happening because… Kim wants to, and Kanye really does not? According to The National Enquirer: 

Said a K Klan source: “When Kim first told Kanye that Kris wanted them to move in with her so she could help out with the new baby, the rapper snarled, ‘You’ll be going without ME!’ It’s no secret Kris and Kanye butt heads, so even living under the same roof for a limited time during renovations to their new Bel-Air estate was out of the question for him. He told Kim he’d rented a house until their place is ready. But when Kim broke that news, Kris got very upset!”

The kicker: “Right after the baby was born, an extremely emotional Kim started crying that she wanted her mother by her side to help with her new baby,” reports the source.

“Kanye insisted he still wasn’t on board with living under Kris’ roof. So just hours after the birth, in Kim’s hospital room, an emotional scene erupted when Kris gushed to her and Kanye how happy she was that the new family of three would be living with her!

Well, I guess relationships are complicated.

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