This whole Kanye West / Kim Kardashian relationship has felt like such a weird, scripted hallucination: first Kim ends her sham marriage (it was like having pediatric cancer!), lathers more drama by drawing out the divorce, is seen “out” with Kanye, a photo of the couple allegedly having sex maybe leaks, throw in some pointless music video cameos, then all of his sudden she’s “his Beyonce” and they’re going to get married and be together forever. But if everything is happy in Kim and Kanye land, how will they continue to drum up attention and get their names in the press?

Well, what about cryptic late-night fittings involving white gowns? Even better, you could concoct a narrative about Kanye revamping Kim’s kloset! That worked pretty well for a few weeks, but now that Kim wears Margiela and Givenchy, everywhere… what comes next?

Here’s what:

Good lord, Kanye. We know you’re both attention vampires, but this may actually take the cake. Absolutely no one needs to know this other than you (and Kim, obviously), certainly not your 8.5 million Twitter followers. A few minutes later, Kanye deleted the tweet (but not before those 7,410 retweets and 39,177 favorites), leaving us to ponder if it was intended as a DM? If so, would that make any more sense?

Look, obviously, the worst thing imaginable for both of these is people is doing something without anyone knowing, but hopefully they can someday find a more elegant way to sustain public interest.

(Kanye West Twitter via CDL, photo via Wenn)