If you want to properly break the ice on a first date, it’s a good idea to humiliate yourself a wee bit. Having a humble moment can not only provide for a good laugh, but it also says: “Yes, I’m human, and so are you. This is our first date and it may be awkward at times but let’s enjoy the ride, shall we?” Or at least that’s what it kind of says.

If you really want to throw yourself into the date and show right off the bat that you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself, then an evening of karaoke just might do the trick. For most of us, getting on a stage and belting it out is hard enough as it, so doing it on a first date can be even nerve-racking. But hey, it makes for a great story to tell you kids and grandkids later.

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La la la! Get to singing or at the very least, get to TheGloss dating page so you can get to singing very soon!