kate middleton pregnant

Oh my God, it is happening you guys! Kate Middleton is officially pregnant, and Prince Harry is going to be free to run around naked as a jay bird in Las Vegas forever and ever!

According to Today:

Buckingham Palace/Clarence House announced Monday that the duchess and Prince William are expecting an heir to the throne.

The recurrent headline had become increasingly persistent in recent months, with the slightest lump in dress fabric or change in hairstyle generating a frenzied round of pregnancy rumors.

This will be the first grandchild for both the royal and Middleton families.

The duchess was admitted Monday to King Edward VII Hospital in Central London with hyperemesis gravidarum (or severe morning sickness), according to a release from the palace. As the pregnancy is in its “very early stages,” Kate will stay in hospital for several days, the palace said.

So, it is confirmed. Kate Middleton is pregnant. Now we can begin picking out bizarre baby names. I am going to vote for a Princess Ooona or Prince Balthazar, but I figure that is the kind of thing that the royal family has under control (also, probably a major reason I am never going to marry into royalty, ever). Please, offer your suggestions on baby names, though.

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